Kyleanne's experience and expertise has made her a sought after subject matter expert on matters of national security, international conflict, and gender.  

Recent Appearances 

"Reintegration Issues for Female Veterans and Invisible Veterans: The Intersection of Service and Second-Class Citizenship”
September 22, 2016, Service Member 2 Civilian Summit, University of Alabama 

“Missing Gender in Theory and Practice”
May 5, 2016; Josef Korbel School of International Studies

​"Shaping the Soldier: Gendered Recruitment into Armed Groups,” Center on Rights' Development 17th Annual Spring Symposium: Beyond the Battlefield, The Intersection of Gender and Conflict, Denver, CO,  April 6, 2016   

Muse Conference, Bend, OR March 4-6, 2016 

National Defense University College of International Security Affairs, Women's Integration into the Military: Challenges and Opportunities, Washington, DC, February 22, 2016.   

Media Highlights
Print Media

Hunter, Kyleanne and Jeannette Haynie. “Just the Facts? The importance of science in formulating and implementing policy” Foreign Policy. February 18, 2016 

Hunter, Kyleanne. “A Female Marine’s Perspective on the Military Draft.” Washington Examiner. February 16, 2016

Hunter, Kyleanne, Jeannette Haynie, and Kate Germano. “Why Leadership will either Make or Break Combat Integration in the Marine Corps.” Foreign Policy. January 11, 2016

Hunter, Kyleanne. “Words Mean Things: The Beginnings of De-Gendering Democratic Citizenship.” Duck of Minerva. January 7, 2016.

Hunter, Kyleanne. “Of Methodology and Men.” Political Violence at a Glance. October 6, 2015

Hunter, Kyleanne. “We Need What Women Bring to the Fight.” War on the Rocks.September 21, 2015.

Hunter, Kyleanne. “The Cost of Lower Standards for Women in Marine Recruitment.” New York Times. August 25, 2015

Print Interviews
Giddings, Caitlin.  "Amazing Cyclists you should Know: Kyleanne Hunter."  Bicycling Magazine.  December 24, 2015. 

Bare, Stacy. “Women in Combat: Kyleanne Hunter.” Huffington Post. November 5, 2015.

Ahmen, Shireen. “Ignorant Solidarity with Muslim Sportswomen.” Patheos. May 26, 2015.

Audio/Video Interviews
CSPAN, "Women in the Military: Challenges and Opportunities," Panel Presentation at National Defense University, February 22, 2016. 

WOSU Radio, “All Sides: Women in the Military,” December 8, 2015

KIRO Radio, September 15, 2015

Al Jazeera America, “Major Showdown Looms over Women in the Marines,” September 17, 2015


Kyleanne Hunter​