Kyleanne seeks to answer practical questions.  Drawing on her experiences as a woman in the military and her work in post-conflict zones around the world, she has crafted a research agenda that introduces the dynamics of gender into some of the most pressing security questions of today.  

She is motivated, in part, by the following questions: 

- How as the post-Cold War emphasis on human and inclusive security changed the role of Western militaries?

- Why has it been so difficult to integrate women into Western democracies' militaries and political arenas? 

- How has counterinsurgency strategy changed since the integration of women?  What impact does this have on longterm stability? 

- Why do women choose to engage in political violence? What impact does this have on women's political behavior? 

- How has state-sanctioned political violence impacted domestic gender roles?  

Kyleanne has presented her research internationally through such organizations as the Power-Sharing Pacts and Constructive Engagement Conference, the International Studies Association, the Rocky Mountain Council on Latin American Studies, and National Defense University's College of International Security Affairs.    

Due to the timely nature of her research interests, she has written frequently in the popular press and on academic blogs as well.  


Kyleanne Hunter‚Äč