Kyleanne Hunter​

My dissertation, Shoulder to Shoulder, Yet Worlds Apart: Understanding Variation in Women's Integration in the Military in The United States, France, and Norway explores the observed differences in women's experiences both assimilating into the military and in impacting tactics and strategies.  I take an historical institutional approach, focusing on the differences in beliefs about gender equality, and their impact on both military policies and claims about women's service in the military.  Through conceptualizing integration as a process in which women ultimately have the ability to impact the military, I build on both scholarly and political studies that explore either formal/legal inclusion or the number of women participating in the military. My work is also unique in not only looking at the military as an institution of violence, but exploring the ways in which it interacted with women's movements - both explicitly and implicitly - to be a tool of gender equality.

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Women, Conflict and Data

With Dr. Rebecca Best, Assistant Professor at University of Missouri, Kansas City 

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Bulllettproofing the Psyche

With Dr. Kate Hendricks Thomas, Assistant Professor at Charleston Southern University and Dr. David Albright, Assistant Professor at University of Alabama